Meet the staff of HERS, a diverse group of individuals working toward achieving gender equity and diversity in higher education leadership through programs, resources, and a robust and growing network of experts, scholars, practitioners, and alums.

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Shannon B. Lundeen

Shannon B. Lundeen, Ph.D.

Vice President of Programs and Operations

Felicia McGinty, Ed.D.

Executive in Residence

Tracey Bedford

Tracey Bedford, M.B.A.

Business Officer

Charlene Emory

Charlene Emory-Proctor, M.A.

Assistant Director of Programs

Lauren Inman, M.Ed.

Lauren Inman, M.Ed.

Instructional Designer and CRM Specialist

Michelle Karas

Michelle Karas, B.A.

Executive Assistant to the President, Board Relations Coordinator, and Office Manager

Alicia Olivares Kirkeby

Alicia Olivares Kirkeby, M.A.

Senior Associate Director of Outreach and Engagement

Lindsey Templeton, Ph.D.

Lindsey Templeton, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Programs and Research