HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) is a leadership development and research organization that is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse network of leaders in higher education. Through various programs that support leaders in various stages of their careers, HERS provides program participants with transformational experiences and opportunities that result in stronger institutions of higher education. HERS believes that impactful leadership not only requires women and people who are gender diverse in leadership positions, but demands that each person brings their unique voice and perspective to their leadership role.

Founded in 1972, HERS proudly serves as both a network and hub of resources for women and people who are gender diverse eager to advance both themselves and their respective institutions of higher education. For nearly 50 years, HERS has made great strides with respect to the advancement of women in higher education. However, there is much work to be done and HERS plans on boldly moving onward to ensure greater diversity and equality in university and college leadership moving forward.


Through programs, services and research, HERS creates and sustains a diverse community of woman-identified leaders who serve as bold agents of inclusive and equitable change for higher education.  


HERS will transform higher education by serving as the premier equity-minded leadership development organization for women leaders.  


Our core values exist to guide every aspect of the organization’s work, from programs and research to establishing a strong network for all who are interested in gender equity in higher education.

  • Boldness
    HERS promotes leaders who align actions with values and lead with confidence, courage, and audacity.   
  • Collaboration and Community 
    HERS seeks opportunities to convene, partner, and collaborate with individuals, institutions, and organizations that share our commitment to advancing equity.   
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) 
    HERS amplifies the perspectives and experiences of people, thoughts, practices, and ideas that historically have been excluded and marginalized.   


As part of the HERS 2022-2027 strategic plan—Excellence, Access & Equity—our goals are to:

  • Offer Exemplary Programs
    Provide high-quality, equity-centered, and relevant professional development and leadership programs across the career span. 
  • Enrich Thought Leadership 
    Be a premier, data-driven thought leader on issues impacting women’s leadership in higher education.  
  • Grow the HERS Community
    Engage and expand the community of bold and equity-minded higher education leaders.​
  • Enhance Fiscal Capacity and Organizational Sustainability
    Strengthen the financial viability of HERS through increasing revenue streams and effective and responsible stewardship of our existing resources.  
  • Advance Reputation and Brand
    Continue to promote the reputation, visibility, and brand of HERS as the leading organization for woman-identified leaders.​