HERS Program Facilitators share their wealth of knowledge, scholarly work, and first-hand experience as women-identified professionals within Higher Education or a related field. Each Facilitator is a mid-senior level practitioner and leader who shares the HERS mission and is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse community of women leaders throughout the program delivery.

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HERS Facilitator Qualifications

A HERS Facilitator is an expert in a specific area or topic that develops content and leads short-term sessions for various HERS Programs. These individuals must serve as practitioners rather than scholars in a particular subject. Preference is given to those in executive or chief level roles or with a national presence.

*HERS Alums may serve as Facilitators, but alum status is not required to be a Facilitator.

Activities for this role may include:
HERS Leadership Institute

  • Facilitate synchronous sessions and office hours
  • Provide asynchronous materials and lead discussions
  • Attend the graduation celebration

Other HERS Programs
HERS Workshops and Webinars

  • Serve as the lead facilitator for the program
  • Develop all content or work with HERS staff to co-create content


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