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FAQs for 2024 Summer HLI Participants

FAQs for Applicants

Why the HERS Leadership Institute?

Why HERS? For five decades, we have been thinking about, improving, and delivering what women and gender diverse leaders need to advance in higher education. There is nothing better than something designed with you in mind. We know the unique challenges faced by women and people who are gender diverse. There are three things every leader needs to be successful: know your organization, identify the resources available to you, and know yourself. At every HERS program, and specifically the HERS Leadership Institute, we create opportunities for you to expand your knowledge of your institution and other higher education institutions. We primarily leverage the collective expertise of the HERS network, over 6,000 women and gender diverse leaders, to accomplish this. We help you build your network before, during, and after your Leadership Institute experience.

You will leave the HERS Leadership Institute knowing more about higher education and more about yourself as a leader. You will have clarity on how you’ll implement strategies and new tools as a campus leader. You will also have a national network of HERS alums to champion your next leadership goals.