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As the only organization committed exclusively to narrowing the gender gap in higher education leadership, HERS supports the advancement of women from the start of their career all the way through to their transition into retirement. Our programs are designed to serve faculty, staff, and administrators who identify as women and aspire to become bold leaders representing greater equity, inclusivity, and excellence in higher education.

The heart of HERS is the Leadership Institute, a program renowned for its transformative impact on mid-career women, and we are always developing new programs to complement it. From helping young professionals begin their leadership development to giving senior level professionals the tools they need to take control of their career, our goal is to build a robust arch of programs that buttress career-spanning journeys of learning and leadership development.

Bold leaders are crucial now. We have prepared virtual program experiences to continue our mission while protecting your health during the on-going pandemic. We will resume delivering in-person programs for our residential cohorts in November 2021. For updates to our delivery plans in response to the pandemic, please visit our COVID-19 Response webpage.

If have additional questions about the portfolio of HERS programs for all career stages, please review the HERS FAQs or email

Find a program that fits where you are at in your leadership and career development.

Early Career

Develop core leadership skills and momentum toward your career aspirations.

Early career professionals with less than five years of experience are encouraged to register for our introductory management and leadership development programs, like HERSconnect, to build the following foundational leadership skills:

  • Authentic leadership development, including managing versus leading with influence
  • Interpersonal skills and internal/external communication strategies
  • Identity and cultural awareness with an emphasis on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in policy and practice
  • Problem solving decision-making, and how to effectively collaborate with a team through delegation and prioritization


Our unique webinar series is offered throughout the year to deepen your institutional knowledge with insights from senior women leaders. All higher education professionals are invited to participate in our HERSconnect webinars. Whether you are an emerging leader looking for opportunities to learn and grow or a more senior leader in need of a refresh within a specific area of development, you will find the content both useful and engaging.

Our webinars take place all year and are packaged as 4-part series to allow for in-depth exploration of a specific topic. Webinars can be purchased as a series or as individual units, offering greater flexibility in curating your own journey.

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Middle Career

HERS Leadership Institute

The preeminent leadership program for women in higher education will challenge you to develop a richer appreciation for your unique leadership capabilities, as well as learn more about your institution and how to leverage the HERS Network. The HERS Leadership Institute is offered in three formats to provide participants with flexibility: Intensive (9-day residential), Executive (staggered 4-weekend residential), and Online (12-week virtual delivery).

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Transform into a bold leader with the core of the HERS leadership experience.

Faculty, staff and administrators with ~5-8 years of experience are invited to participate in our mid-career programming for the following learning outcomes:

  • Self-knowledge: Gain clarity around your strengths as a leader and acquire the skills to actualize your vision of leadership
  • Institutional awareness: Develop a deeper understanding of your institutional setting and how to successfully operate within it
  • Networking: Build personal and professional bonds to last a lifetime, and learn to leverage the power of the HERS Network

Mid-to-Late Career

Leverage your leadership and network to take control of your career development and become a guiding voice in higher education. 

Senior faculty, department chairs, directors, deans, vice presidents, etc. are invited to participate in our late-career programming for the following learning outcomes: 

  • Strategize your career development and growth 
  • Build your personal brand and story 
  • Leverage your personal networks 
  • Learn to navigate leadership search processes 
  • Define success for your role and put a data-driven action plan in place 

Next Stages Next Steps 

Our three-day career workshop is designed to equip women applying to leadership positions with the insight, skills, and practice needed to navigate the often-challenging academic search process.

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Unleash Your Career 

Our six-part strategic career development seminar guides you through aligning your core values, professional capabilities, and interpersonal skills with your desired career path in order to create a successful brand story and winning career moves.

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360 Leadership Assessment 

This virtual program helps faculty and staff explore their leadership through datadriven competency assessments, which draw on over 50 years of analytics and 69 million professional assessments. 

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Join us in creating and sustaining a diverse network of bold women leaders. Find the right program for you and take the next step.