The HERS Network is a home for wom*n1 who are committed to achieving equity, inclusivity and excellence in higher education. Our online platform was created to provide tools and resources for the advancement of women, and it was designed to foster peer-to-peer learning on how to lead and manage the biggest challenges faced by institutions in higher education today.

How to Join

Unleash the Power of the HERS Network
With HERS Network, you can share challenges or ideas for collective problem-solving and encouragement. You can turn to your private cohort groups, as well as the national network group open to all alumnae, for candid discussions or organized online events. With the diverse expertise and perspectives of the HERS Network, you can gain unparalleled visibility into what’s happening at other institutions, what works, and what doesn’t.

The HERS Network Advantage
For five decades, HERS has been thinking about, improving, and delivering what women leaders need to advance in higher education. We know the unique challenges faced by women and how critical it is to leverage the expertise and leadership of other women to help achieve your own leadership or career goals. At HERS, we believe there are three things every leader needs to be successful:

  1. Know your organization
  2. Identify the resources available to you -> Network!
  3. And know yourself

With the HERS Network, you’re not alone, and you’ll be challenged by your peers to expand your knowledge of your institution and other higher education institutions. Through the HERS Network, you can leverage the collective expertise of the HERS network—over 6,000 women leaders—to accomplish this.

  • Have a challenge? Share it with the HERS Network!
  • Have an idea? Share it with the HERS Network!
  • Have something to celebrate? share it with the HERS Network!

Join the HERS Network today and strengthen our national community of HERS sisters. Together, we can champion each other’s next leadership goal.

1 HERS is dedicated to the leadership advancement of women and those who identify as women.