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Welcome to the HERS Network

The HERS Network is an exclusive online networking and learning platform for subscribers at various stages of their career who identify as women and have completed the HERS Leadership Institute or a HERS workshop.1 This online networking platform for HERS women is designed to foster peer-to-peer learning, encouragement, inspiration, and mutual support in managing your career or personal well-being amidst the unique leadership challenges facing women today. Networking is critical for women’s advancement. With the HERS Network, you’ll always have a safe and central space to seek (or offer) advice and inspiration from women who have been in your shoes or will be soon. 

The HERS Network Advantage
What differentiates the HERS Network is its focus on connecting and empowering a diverse community of women leaders in academia to achieve a purpose and affect change together. For five decades, HERS has been thinking about, improving, and delivering what women leaders need to advance in higher education. HERS understands the unique challenges facing women and how critical it is to leverage other women’s insight and experiences to accomplish their leadership or career goals.   

As a HERS Network member, you are not alone. You have access to the collective expertise of over 6,000 women leaders to expand your knowledge, share ideas, or crowdsource solutions to challenges you’re facing – so use it

Unlock the Power of the HERS Network
Within the HERS Network, you can turn to your private cohort groups or the national network group open to all members for candid discussions or organized networking events. You will be challenged by diverse perspectives, and you’ll gain unparalleled visibility into what’s happening at other institutions, what works, and what doesn’t.    

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1 HERS is dedicated to supporting the advancement of all leaders in higher education who identify as women.