April 25, 2024

Executive Equity Officer – Adams State University

Job Posting

Adams State is seeking its first Executive Equity Officer (EEO). This transformative leader will have a broad portfolio to introduce meaningful, equitable, and inclusive changes in the areas of evaluation, policy, hiring, professional development, programming, and support. The EEO will report directly to the University President and will serve on the Executive Council. The EEO will be instrumental in critical evaluation and assessment of institutional policies and procedures to reach equitable and inclusive outcomes. The EEO’s equity lens will enhance outcomes for employees and students through direct oversight of recruiting, onboarding, retention, culturally-relevant programming, campus culture, and morale. The EEO will lead cross-divisional and university-wide work to create an environment of belonging for all members of Adams State. The EEO will foster an inclusive environment that supports the full spectrum of diversity at Adams State including all racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, national origins, disabilities, age, veteran status, religious/political beliefs, affectional and sexual orientations, gender identities and expression, and lived experiences.