Early Career Empowerment Workshop with Tom Matthews, Ph.D.

Once you have your degree and a position in higher education, you may feel that your career path is set, but the unfortunate reality is that professional development for young or new staff and faculty is not a priority at most institutions. Campus is a big and busy place—if you do not take charge of your own career, you may get lost in the bustle. While women account for 48 percent of entry-level hires, they account for just 38 percent of first-level managers, according to a recent study of women in the workplace conducted by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org.  Even worse, further up the career ladder, women account for just 30 percent of all vice presidents, versus men at 70 percent.

This 2-hour virtual workshop introduces a powerful framework for (1) understanding what defines you as a professional and (2) acting with newfound intentionality to advance your career. Spots are limited for this workshop, so reserve* your place today.

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Tom Matthews, Ph.D., is the Principal and Owner of Career Heights Coaching, LLC. Dr. Matthews has over 35 years of higher education experience and before launching his business full time in the summer of 2023, he served in the role of  Associate Provost for Student Success at Case Western Reserve University.  Over the course of his career, Tom has held a variety of leadership roles where he has been responsible for student retention, satisfaction, and the six-year graduation rate. 

Dr. Matthews brings a depth of expertise in and experience with career development across the lifespan.  He is especially interested in career transitions: college to entry-level professional, individual contributor to manager, manager to high-potential leader, and director to senior leader. Tom his worked in a variety of higher education settings including a small private women’s liberal arts college, a medium-size public university, and multiple Research 1 institutions.

Matthews holds a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision from Syracuse University, an M.Ed. from Penn State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Bridgewater State University. 

- What participants learn -

  • In-depth understanding of the forces that shape career decision-making, including gender, power dynamics, and value systems.
  • A framework for defining your own values around work and success to internalize an evolved narrative for your career.
  • Actionable methods for identifying opportunities, making informed career decisions, and seizing agency over your advancement.

- Who should attend -

This workshop is ideal for faculty and staff in the early stages of their career. If your title contains the words “assistant,” “associate,” “coordinator,” or similar, we are excited to help you take your career to new heights!

- how "Early career empowerment" supports our mission -

The world is changing faster and faster. To help higher education leaders and their institutions keep pace, it is essential that HERS provide supplemental programming to address new challenges and opportunities as they arise. Ultimately, by embracing and planning for change, institutions of higher learning and their leaders can provide a safer environment for their students while contributing more value to society at large.

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Registration closes june 13, 2024