Tammy Gocial (coaching)


Tammy M. Gocial, Ph.D.

Coaching Philosophy

Throughout my career, in my work with students, staff, and faculty, I always appreciate the opportunity to connect with others and build authentic relationships. As a developmental educator, my approach focuses on engaging and empowering others to be the best they can be in their work. At Gocial Leadership Advisors (GoLead!), I employ a hybrid coaching/mentoring approach that engages colleagues in self-reflection, analysis, strategic thinking, and creative problem solving. Using my IDEAS Coaching Framework©, I first help leaders Identify Challenges they face in their work. This may involve clarifying new problems, identifying blind spots in one’s leadership style, or acknowledging areas for professional growth. We then spend time Developing Strategies to address those challenges. Many leaders are able to identify a quick response to new challenges, but this area of coaching involves thinking creatively to identify alternative courses of action that take into consideration one’s comfort and skill level as well as organizational culture, power dynamics, and politics. Once a variety of options are identified, it is important to analyze and weigh those options to Enact Solutions that best fit the leader in this specific situation. As leaders- and learners-in-action, we will also explore any limiting beliefs or behaviors that may derail one’s ability to move forward with their plan of action. Throughout the process, we will Assess Progress to determine if and where course correction may be warranted, and whenever needed, cycle through the framework again to help achieve Success.


Tammy M. Gocial, Ph.D. is an executive leadership coach certified through the Center for Executive Coaching; she is also certified in CliftonStrengths and the Hogan Assessment. Tammy launched Gocial Leadership Advisors (GoLead!) in 2023 and works with clients on initiating and leading strategic change, transitioning to senior-level leadership, department-level leadership, Strengths-based team leadership, succession planning, and general leadership performance. Throughout her 35-year career in academe, Gocial spent almost 20 years as a cabinet-level leader in both academic and student affairs at three different institutions. She has worked extensively on full- and part-time faculty engagement and curriculum development in her roles as an academic dean, associate academic vice president, and founding program director of a doctoral program in higher education leadership. She has also worked with directors, assistant deans, assistant vice presidents, and vice presidents as they have navigated the program, project, and personnel challenges inherent in their roles. Gocial has led faculty and staff teams of 12-90 colleagues in successful program development, DEI, change, and student success initiatives. 

Levels Coached: Mid-Managers, Senior Executives, VP, Provosts, etc.

Industry Experience: Higher Education