Mary Churchill (coaching)


Mary Churchill

Coaching Philosophy

As an executive coach for senior leaders in the higher education sector, I work directly with a limited number of high-level professionals and board members. I have worked with nonprofit CEOs, college presidents, academic deans, and university board members who are looking to take their leadership to the next level.

My coaching practice begins with the assumption that my clients are highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own professional and personal development. Therefore, my primary role is to draw out your wisdom  through inquiry, curiosity, reflection, and challenges that help you stretch into your best capacities.  To do that, we co-create self-observation exercises and behavioral practices. I approach coaching  from a holistic lens, attentive to your interior life (physical, emotional, and intellectual) as well as  how your interior reality is expressed through your physical presence and behaviors. I seek mutual understanding regarding the dynamics of the organizational culture and systems (including policies  and practices) within which you lead.  

Coaching areas of focus may include:

  • Growing your visibility as a leader and enhancing your leadership presence and impact
  • Creating a successful work/life integration plan that supports your professional leadership aspirations
  • Identifying and creating a personal board of advisors
  • Defining your values and prioritizing values-aligned work to amplify your impact
  • Defining and clarifying your professional brand
  • Staying active as a scholar and becoming a published author
  • Successfully developing and implementing a strategic plan


Dr. Mary Churchill is associate dean of strategic initiatives & community engagement at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, where she is responsible for leading the college’s strategic initiatives. Dr. Churchill directs the Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement Office, which sets the strategic direction for the college’s community engagement and advocacy work.

In 2021, Dr. Churchill served as the chief of policy and planning for Mayor Kim Janey in Boston where she managed college and university relationships for the mayor, supported the launch of the mayor’s Children’s and Youth Cabinet, and coordinated the implementation of a city-wide COVID-19 mask mandate. Before her time at Boston University, Dr. Churchill served as vice president for academic affairs at Wheelock College, where she helped lead the merger of Wheelock College and Boston University. She has held leadership roles in universities and colleges in the Northeast for over 30 years.

Levels Coached: Early-Career Professionals, Executive, President, Chancellor, Mid-Managers, Senior Executives, VP, Provosts, etc.

Industry Experience: Corporate, Government, Higher Education, Non-profit/NGO