Chinyere Oparah (coaching)


Dr. Julia “Chinyere” Oparah

Coaching Philosophy

Chinyere’s coaching practice seeks to help leaders identify and overcome internal and external barriers so that they can unleash their innate wisdom and power, and lead from a place of authenticity, purpose and joy. She specializes in supporting BIPOC, women, LGBTQ and other nontraditional leaders. Her trauma-informed approach recognizes that difficult historic and contemporary experiences may be activated by workplace microaggressions, affecting leaders’ nervous systems and requiring strategies to enhance grounding and safety in and beyond the coaching environment. Chinyere is a Certified Executive Coach and Career Coach credentialed by the Center for Executive Coaching and member of the International Coach Federation. She is also a certified Trauma Informed Coach, and holds a certification in Hogan Leadership Assessments. She founded the Center for Liberated Leadership in order to connect and resource equity-oriented leaders as they navigate challenging politics, complex organizational cultures and relentless workloads. The Center’s diverse coaches provide 1:1 coaching, group coaching communities and thought-leadership that empower and develop leaders who are driving change in their organizations and communities.


Dr Julia “Chinyere” Oparah is an experienced leader with over 30 years of administrative experience in higher education and the nonprofit sector, including the roles of dean, provost and vice president for academic affairs. Chinyere is passionate about supporting transformational leaders to achieve professional success, maximize their impact and live their best lives. A National Equity Project fellow, Chinyere is committed to cultivating equitable and engaged campus communities. Chinyere brings extensive experience of leading diversity hiring and retention initiatives, managing change in volatile contexts, building high-performance, high-trust teams, creating engaged and equitable workplace and campus climates, developing actionable strategic plans and leading during organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Her internationally recognized scholarship reflects a lifelong commitment to antiracism and social justice. She has published numerous books on issues impacting women, nonbinary and transgender persons of color, from the crisis in maternal health care to the prison industrial complex.

Levels Coached: Executive, President, Chancellor, Mid-Managers, Senior Executives, VP, Provosts, etc.

Industry Experience: Higher Education, Non-profit/NGO