Carolyn J Stefanco (coaching)


Carolyn J. Stefanco

Coaching Philosophy

Using a goals-oriented approach, Baret executive coaching empowers clients to exceed their expectations. Typically, coaching clients are accomplished professionals who are seeking greater clarity about current challenges and opportunities, higher levels of achievement, and advancement into more senior roles.

Rather than using a standard template, Dr. Carolyn Stefanco adapts the work to the particular needs of the client. She is particularly skilled at helping them to understand complex, multi-layered problems, to navigate challenging political environments, and to lead organizational and cultural change. She listens deeply, and her approach tends towards pragmatic and action-oriented solutions to issues. As an experienced CEO and both a scholar of women and of leadership, she shares her first-hand experience and research with clients.

For leaders dealing with complex and conflictual organizations, Carolyn offers systemic analysis and tactical advice. For those seeking career advancement, she partners with them to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop and implement plans for professional growth. For those desiring broader impact, she provides guidance about thought leadership, community engagement, and board membership. For those actively seeking new roles, she offers support through the application, interview, and selection process that draws from her knowledge of search firms and consultants, and her previous work as a senior vice president of a search firm. For those preparing to begin new roles, she assists with transition planning, onboarding, and establishing one’s leadership.

With all clients, Carolyn holds fast to the personal values of intellectual excellence, ethical integrity, lifelong learning, perseverance, and service.


Dr. Carolyn J. Stefanco is a women’s leadership expert and global higher education leader who held positions as a tenured full professor, women’s studies program director, department chair, dean, vice president, and president in both public and private institutions. She also served as resident director of a London Study Program, Senior Fulbright Scholar at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, higher education consultant for Saudi Arabia and South Africa, trustee and board chair at the American University in Bulgaria, and board member of many professional organizations.

Her life-long passion is to advance women, and she taught and published in the field of women’s history, founded women’s studies programs and a women’s leadership institute, and raised millions of dollars to support diverse women’s initiatives.

Following her presidency, Carolyn founded Baret Leadership Consulting, where she offers executive coaching to individual women, and assistance with global engagement and board development to universities and organizations.

Levels Coached: Executive, President, Chancellor, Mid-Managers, Senior Executives, VP, Provosts, etc.

Industry Experience: Corporate, Higher Education, Non-profit/NGO