Bethany Sutton (coaching)


Bethany Zecher Sutton

Coaching Philosophy

Each coaching relationship is a confidential partnership between the coach and client. My role as a coach is to be thoughtful, curious, patient, and attentive to the needs and nuances of my clients. I support individuals in advancing their goals in ways authentic to who they are and how they want to show up in their work and life. With many clients, we work together to build and clarify their professional identity, whether within their institution or organization or as they contemplate a career move or change. Ideally, the coach seeks to draw out the intelligence and wisdom of the client rather than advising or being an expert consultant. The client gets to be in the driver’s seat while, as coach, I help them navigate their path forward. While we often set goals around career and leadership development, coaching focuses on the whole person and requires a commitment to both personal and professional development, a willingness to identify and pursue action steps, and an interest in fully participating in partnership together. My coaching is informed by my experience in the world of non-profit organizations, K-12 and higher education and by leadership development work I’ve done with individuals in a variety of non-profit and educational settings.


Bethany Zecher Sutton works in blended space of coaching, leadership development, and community leadership. She has more than 25 years of experience working in higher education including serving as Staff Assistant in the Provost’s Office at UPenn; Chief of Staff in the President’s Office at the American Association of Colleges & Universities; and Consultant with Academic Search. 

Bethany holds a graduate certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University and is an alumna of the HERS Leadership Institute. Since 2015, she has served as a consultant and leadership coach, focusing on career development, change management, effective communication, well-being, and other topics related to personal and professional development.

Bethany lives in Arlington, Virginia where she is serving a four-year term as an elected member of the Arlington School Board. She chaired the Arlington Public Schools Advisory Council on Teaching & Learning and served on the Arlington County Food Security Task Force.

Levels Coached: Early-Career Professionals, Mid-Managers, Senior Executives, VP, Provosts, etc.

Industry Experience: Higher Education, K-12, Non-profit/NGO