What will learn? 

Whats included in the curriculum? The curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé you used for your current role will not help you get your next role. During the NSNS workshop, you will update your job search materials to match the role you aspire to have. Youll leave this workshop knowing what your CV and cover letter needs to look like to position you as a great candidate for your next role. Youll also participate in mock interviews and receive feedback on your performance. We also cover negotiation skills because, with 60% of prior NSNS attendees successfully advancing into new roles, we’re sure youll put those skills to use.  

Do attendees have the opportunity to network? Short answer, yes. At HERS, we use a team approach during the workshop. We place you on a team with others who are at a similar place in their career development or are seeking similar roles, as the positioning you need to use will be similar. Youll learn from one another and from the Academic Search, Inc. consultants, who will expertly take you through a series of exercises to surface the leadership skills and experiences that make you a great candidate for the role. Some of the session content also gives you tools and best practices for expanding and activating your professional network to advocate on your behalf.     

Is there individual coaching? There is group or team coaching done by one of the search consultants from Academic Search, Inc. She will serve as your point person during the workshop. However, you are welcome to work with the other consultants and HERS staff as well if you feel the need for more individual guidance  

Does the workshop address leadership stretches and gaps? The workshop will give you space and guidance to discover how best to discuss your leadership stretches and gaps in your CV. By networking with others, you may determine the best ways to programmatically address any leadership gaps you believe may prevent you from attaining your next role. You may also discover that what you see as gaps are not perceived as such by your team members, the Academic Search consultant you are working with, or HERS staff membersThey will also unearth some of your skills and talents you may not see as clearly.  

How much homework is there? ​ A successful job search requires doing homework to be fully prepared. Participants will be expected to submit pre-work that includes: a professional bio, search profile for a position of interest, a cover letter for that role, and an updated cv.  Completing and submitting the pre-work will enable you to get the most out of the program. The search consultants and team members will provide feedback that will strengthen your candidacy.

Who delivers the content? Academic Search, Inc. consultants deliver the program content, and HERS staff are there to work with you as well. The consultants and the HERS team have extensive knowledge about the search process at every institutional type. You will find that we are also able to answer questions about searches handled internally by campus HR departments. 

When is the perfect time to transition into a new role? 

Is this the right time to search or transition? If you are interested in seeking a new position in 18 – 24 months, now is the perfect time to attend the workshop, as it may take you up to 3 years to secure your next role. That said, no one knows when the perfect time is for a transition. We do know that women leaders hold approximately 30% of senior leadership roles in higher education according to data from ACE. The higher education industry needs you to transition sooner rather than later, especially during this critical time, to ensure an inclusive and equitable future  

Will NSNS help me determine the right role? First, you have to decidthe work you want do and what matters most to youWe maximize what you stand to gain from the workshop by asking that you know the role(s) you are ready to apply for by the time you arriveAt NSNS, you will complete exercises that allow you to align your values, background, and expertise with that institutions mission.   

Why should believe now is my time? Why should I say yes to myself? 

Who would benefit from NSNS? If you are seeking an executive directorship, deanship, vice presidency, provost position, or a presidency, you will benefit from NSNS.  

I dont meet all the requirements/qualifications. What now? Women wait to become candidates for roles because they do not meet all the requirements or qualifications. If you are ready for new responsibilities and challenges, why say no to yourself over a few qualificationsAdd your name and materials to the pool and let the institution or organization say no. Most won’t dismiss your application if you have positioned yourself well, which is the core of the NSNS curriculum.  

Other questions 

How often does HERS offer NSNS? HERS currently offers Next Stages Next Steps in January and August. We may provide more sessions depending on interest. If you end up on the waitlist, we will contact you on a first-come, first-serve basis.   

Will the workshop fill up? There is a cap on the workshop size, and over the last few years we have had a waitlist. Please contact us at hers@hersnetwork.org to learn more about the current registration limits.   

Should I attend in January or August? The program content is the same. Base your decision on your schedule and when your field or discipline conducts search and hire processes  

Is there a difference between in-person and virtual delivery? There is no difference between the modalities; the curriculum is the same. You will spend approximately the same amount of time in asynchronous and synchronous sessions online as you would in-person.