I. General Statement

PRIVACY is a word that conjures up strong convictions and an emotional reaction from many of us. In the modern world, however, numerous forms of electronic communication render the protection of privacy interests much more difficult. The nonprofit community is not immune from the lure of convenience and speed when we utilize our information technology and electronic communication tools. It is, of course, part of our mission to share knowledge and to collaborate within our community. In doing so, however, we must recognize that these modern devices are never completely secure. It is a fact of life that all computer systems and communication systems are the subject of constant probing by outsiders ranging from the curious to the criminal.


Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) will endeavor to take precautions to maintain privacy and security within the sphere of operations. HERS cannot guarantee that these efforts will always be successful and, therefore, users must assume the risk of a breach of privacy and security systems. Individuals are advised to be discreet and cautious in their use of our systems. If a breach of privacy and security systems takes place at anytime that would negatively impact HERS users, HERS will notify all affected parties and take immediate measures to remedy the breach. HERS Privacy Guidelines are reviewed periodically and may be modified in the discretion of the organization. These changes will be posted on this site.


II. Personal Information

HERS recognizes and respects the importance of confidentiality and security of personal information in this increasingly open electronic age. HERS does not intend to sell, swap, rent, or otherwise disclose for commercial purposes, outside the scope of ordinary organizational functions, your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information you provide. While HERS makes efforts to protect information provided to us, we cannot guarantee that this information will remain secure and are not responsible for any loss or theft.


III. HERS Website

When users visit the HERS website, the HERS webmaster collects information concerning their Internet connection, which pages they visit on the site, the Internet Protocol Number (IP) from which they accessed hersnet.org, and other general information about their visit to the website. (Information associated with an individual IP Number may be used for internal diagnostics and investigation of misconduct or security issues.) The collection of this information is intended to help HERS deliver efficient and useful service and it may be used to analyze trends, create summary statistics for determining technical design specifications, and to otherwise aid in monitoring system performance. Such information is stored on a temporary basis and the organization will exercise reasonable care to release it only if legally mandated by law enforcement investigators, required by court proceedings. HERS does not intend to sell, swap, rent, or otherwise disclose for commercial purposes, information regarding the behavior, habits, or demographics of those who visit the HERS website. Certain parts of the HERS website may require tracking techniques to follow the user’s progress through courses, materials or programs or to verify information acquired from other sources. HERS provides links to websites outside the du.edu network and is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of any website to which it may link.


IV. Questions About Our Online Privacy Policy

If there are any questions or concerns about HERS online privacy policy, the practices of the organization’s website, or use of the website, please contact HERS by e-mail at hers@HERSNetwork.org, or through postal mail at:


Higher Education Resource Services, The University of Denver, The Chambers Center, 1901 E. Asbury Ave. Denver, CO 80208